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Junno Awards

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Taguchi Junnosuke Awards
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.Junno Awards.

Welcome to the icontest community of the super kawaii sexy Taguchi Junnosuke from KAT-TUN. There icontest will be held weekly. Most of them will have themes, but there could be times when we're too lazy to come up with a new theme, so there will be Free For All theme(s). Read the RULES carefully before joining ^^ And you have to be a member to participate, so JOIN!!!. You dont have to be a member just to vote though.


01. You must be a member to participate. JOIN?
02. Icons must be Junno or Junno-related.
03. Icons must be newly made for the icontest.
04. Make sure the icons can be used for LJ (40kb and 100x100).
05. You can submit up to three icons.
06. Icons must be made by YOU. Do not enter someone else's icon(s).

When submitting an icon, please follow this format:

URL: http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e73/conanpotter/14-Junno3-kiraluvstock.jpg

1st: # - will get 3 points
2nd: # - will get 2 points
3rd: # - will get 1 points
special category: #


Monday: Winners from previous week & New Theme.

Wednesday: Reminder will be posted.

Friday: Deadline. Icons must be submitted.

Saturday-Sunday: Voting.

Maintainers & Mods:
kiraluvstock & nikouru & girlearthless

Banner makers:
kiraluvstock & aysha_aka & shrew_ish & miichaan23

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